Sunday, 15 November 2009

Scrabbling for Ideas.....Module 4

I've been working on (and stuggling with) the assesment submission for Module 4 of my distance learning photography course. I just can't seem to find a subject that I find sufficiently interesting, or that looks as interesting in practice as it did in my head. I know that this is entirely due to my own lack of imagination, but still I'm finding it hard to be inspired on this one.

Which is ironic, given that the brief is to take photos with out of focus parts, something my husband accuses all my photos of containing ('oh another blurry one! Can't you learn a new trick?....').

The brief was to take 5 images of the same subject; a still life object with points of interest at different depths. The images would demonstrate how selection of focal point and/or aperture could be used for artistic effect. The closest I've come so far to a photo I like is this scrabble board. I'm not sure it's interesting enough, or whether it's just all a bit too obvious.....

Either way it continues my monochrome obsession :o)

I'm excited to have recently purchased the very lovely SB-600 flashgun, which I didn't actually use in this shot. I'm going to be spending a lot of my time trying to learn how to use a flashgun properly for effect, which should keep me out of trouble for a while.....

In the meantime the search for Module 4 submission images continues....Is there such a thing as photographers block??

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  1. Yes there is def such a thing as photographers block but your images are always orignal I think. You can only submit images your are happy with but I think this scrabble one is great so if you dont want to submit it - I'll have it lol