Sunday, 24 January 2010

Making a splash

My latest assignment for my distance learning course is to capture 'Motion'. The brief has left me pretty uninspired - I have to take three shots of the same subject, one with motion blur, one where the action is frozen, and a panning shot. I can think of plenty of subjects that could produce an interesting picture for the first two shots, but don't lend themselves to panning. So for now I've decided to ignore the assignment and just take some motion pictures that I like....and that's what these shots are.

Armed with a bowl of water, a desklamp, and a dripping tap I took these shots with my Macro lens and my spiffy new flash. Using the flash and the desklamp I had enough light to push the exposure to 1/250, which was fast enough to freeze the action. After that it was just a case of taking enough shots to get lucky.....

I love the sharpness of this lens, and the results are some of my favourite shots in a long time. Is it just me or does this last one look a bit like an alien? It's like the Abyss but in my own kitchen... :o)

I'm no closer to finishing my assessment, but I am starting to really enjoy this topic. It's the most success I've had in the kitchen too!